Welcome to DLSIJ Press – the future of quality online press.

Welcome to DLSIJ Press – the future of quality online press.  Our blog and press release new aggregation service is focused on bringing you quality news and information about the topics that matter to you.  With specific focus on business, lifestyle, entertainment and technology.  The online landscape of news and information has become daunting and overwhelming to most of us and simply finding and choosing the news and information that you read is becoming harder and harder every day with less and less accountability to those that are writing, acting as journalists, commenting, delivering the ” news” , promoting themselves or a business tastefully. At DLSIJ Press we fell that all of those publishers and content creators are responsible to provide good, accurate, truthful and non sales oriented content to readers.  By reviewing and researching the the accuracy of press and content that gets delivered to our network we can help readers sift through the monotony of web information overload.  We also help writers that have tasteful and useful information and who are willing to meet our publishing standards connect with real readers who are engaged and acutally interested in the topics they cover or companies/products they are promoting. To learn more about our amazing service and how we can help you get better information delivered or how you can get better placed and connect with readers please contact us today to learn more about your option.


Information Overload

You are probably about at the end of your attention span as you read this and that is our point. By compacting news and relevant content in snippets we can get information in front of readers that they will pay attention to.  In order to fight reading fatigue we use videos, info-graphics, content marketing and other great offerings.

The Future

The future of online press is a live stream of interactive media that can stream through your google glass and download information directly.  Envision a future with us. Get started by contacting us today.


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